Editorial for Eugenia Pinna, 2019

A challenging photographic project held to commemorate the arrival of another season. An ode to the changing of time, beyond our time.

Our main character is a “Saint”, survivor of a past worship. “Regina”, queen of the ruins where she is kept. “Silent”, quiet inside her niche, ready to receive the conversion.

A great female figure of extraordinary size, she is the queen of a rural sanctuary. Timeless, in a place of worship of past religions, where popular superstitions meet ancestral truths.

She is like a silent statue stable on the ground, kept inside her niche. Her head, hands and feet wrapped in thick fabrics of wool, geometric patterns of the loom, and beast bells around her neck.

Another warmth month of June has arrived and following the ritual of the season, the layers that covers her begin to fall. She celebrates her own metamorphosis, in which invasive floral elements are arranged along the fabrics, replacing the wool to cover the naked flesh.

The built space meets the external light of endless lasting these days. Feathers grow under the skirt and the crown is full of living floral elements.

The nature dresses her up. Her torso is wrapped by textile to recall her rational precision and prepare to take her sovereign place back, within the large niche.


Creative direction: Silvia Mocci, Antonio V. Sotgiu & Hadriana Casla

Rugs & Textiles: Eugenia Pinna

Model: Aldara Fernández

Story: Antonio V. Sotgiu

Location: Chiesa di San Pantaleo. Carrucana, Martis