COSIENDO LA SOMBRA – Sewing the shadow

Workshop for Make festival & GHipHop supported by Acción Cultural Española. Guediawaye. Senegal. 2019

Dakar in general and Guédiawaye, in particular, suffer from waste management and recycling problem to date nonexistent. For this reason, we work with the participants in the first phase collecting colourful remnants of local tailors.

Afterwards, we designed and sewed a colourful work that travelled across the neighborhood of Guediawaye. 

Thanks to Guediawaye people, GHipHop and Make Festival for making this possible.

Tutors: Hadriana Casla, Antoni Sotzu & Giorgia Cadeddu.

Photo Credits: 1, 2: Milena Villalba – 3, 4, 5: Personal resource